fair play winners nominated at the honesty oscars award

Fair Play winners Youssra El Hawary (Egypt) and Dr. Sley & Da Green Soljas (Cameroon) have both been nominated for the upcoming Honesty Oscars, a parallel initiative to the Academy Awards where instead of celebrating the best films, actors and behind-the-scenes players in Hollywood - celebrates incredible videos, infographics and songs that help fight global corruption through creativity and innovation.

The Honesty Oscars 2014 is a campaign by ONE together with Accountability Lab and is a week-long event to honor groundbreaking the people and creatives that make our world more transparent and hold our governments and corporations more accountable.

You have until the 2nd of March to Vote for Fair Play’s winners in the category of Best Activist Anthem via this link: www.one.org/us/2014/02/26/honesty-oscars-2014-best-activist-anthem

Please help us spread the word via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HonestyOscar.

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