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In a world where most find it easy to hide behind an "out of sight out of mind" mentality, its' been a while since we've been moved to mobilize by the words of a protest song. History has shown us that music has the power to unify against incredible odds, and that every great revolution needs an even greater voice of reason.

Kill The Autocrat (Michael Fraser O'Brien (OB), MC/Vocals, Scott Swain - Guitars, Trevor Johnston - Drums) has become for a new age labor movement that is taking North America by storm. Captured with utmost intensity on their debut release "A New World Disorder",(self produced, with scratches by DJ Kenny Parker and released through the newly formed 6.8.2. Records Inc.) this hip-hop-rock trio has forged a sound so driven by fighting desire and personal plight, that they are putting the power behind what can only be described as "new generation protest music."

"We use music as a tool to express the need for human change," says front man OB. "People deserve a fair shot in life and we keep getting hammered. I hope to be the voice that motivates people to stand up and fight for what they deserve, whatever the cause may be."

KTA first garnered media attention in June 2010 when the band's first single "One Day Longer" - written by OB, a miner at Vale Inco in Sudbury, during a year long strike - was released on the Internet. Within weeks the song became a North American anthem for the United Steelworkers Union of America, and offers came pouring in requesting the band to perform at rallies all over the world.

Things really began to pick up steam when KTA was flown to Madison Wisconsin to perform the song for 80,000 striking workers, at the biggest rally held in the capital city since the Vietnam War. "Our initial goal when we started this band was to educate and inspire, so that hard working people realize that they are capable of igniting change and killing the tyranny in everyday life," says OB.

"A New World Disorder," is a document of the changing times we live in and to a burgeoning new age revolution. Crossing genres from blues and funk, to southern rock, hip-hop and punk, the album is overflowing with deep pulsating rhythms, pounding drums, and rich lyrical poetry.

A true "working class hero," front man OB's connection to the personal adversities of his past as a third generation miner, ring out loud and clear on every track. "Look, I have a chip on my shoulder because I grew up in a toxic wasteland, and I might die someday because of where I was born. I rap about me - a blue collar guy who grew up in a small city - because that's real, and that's who I am."

Lyrically "A New World Disorder" is direct and raw, driving home a powerful intent behind every word. The album's second single "Constant Movement," is an abrasive and yet completely compelling track, littered with slick commentary about the foils of frustration, uncertainty, and the cold hard reality of everyday life. "Protest music doesn't have to be "cheesy," notes OB. "What we're trying to do here is make powerful timeless music, that combines the best of multiple genres, and still maintains a message when it's all said and done. It doesn't matter where you're from anymore because hip-hop is universal. Good music has the power to move people and that is something that always prevails."

Kill The Autocrat are a new breed of musical revolutionaries. Taking the driving rhythmic pulse of rock music and pushing it up against the fighting essence of traditional hip-hop, this band is quickly becoming a voice for hundreds of thousands of people who have known the helplessness of human desperation.
Unafraid to challenge society and call attention to its often shameless behavior, KTA has crafted a sound that is both universally understood, and capable of unloading the kind of power that once saw protest music emerge from the dirt, catch on like wildfire, and unify the youth of the world.

"There is a revolution happening, and it's already begun," notes OB with genuine certainty. "Everybody knows it but most people are just too afraid to say it out loud. People all over the world are tired and broke, and because of the way we are now connected through technology, it's becoming harder to hide that from the public. Things are changing whether people like it or not and we need to be writing the soundtrack to these times. This band is a response to what is going on in the world today. We exist because if someone doesn't stand up and say something, maybe nobody will."
Constant Movement is an anti-corruption music video pointing out police, political, and financial corruption. With footage from the G20 in Toronto 2010 "Constant Movement" by Kill The Autocrat is a direct hit to government and corruption.

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    Now thats WTF is going on!!
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    LETS GO REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    For the people, by the people.
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    This is speaking the truth! Go KTA!
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    absolutely love this! I hope they win!
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