Teddy is from Bulgaria and Tenny is from Nigeria, but from the year 2005 he has been living in Bulgaria. They Both deal with music since they were kids . They met in a concert at the University of Economics - Varna in the year 2007. They Both began to attend the same vocal studio - Angel Voices with vocalen pedagogue Atanaska Lipcheva. In the year 2008 They began to sing as a duet and successes are not late, winning numerous awards from national and international competitions for vocal art. In the year 2009 they took part in the semi-finals of the Bulgarian Eurovision. A few months later , they were among the top 12 of the EU, Music Against Poverty, with the song EYAH, they fall into the seventh place ( 7th) from over 250 songs from 20 countries. In 2010 made video to this song and circulated it in Bulgaria, Nigeria and Africa. In August 2010 became a Top 20 ranking on MTV Africa. Teddy and tenny love to make music that would express messages and reach the hearts of the people. They believe that music is one way to make the world a better place to live.
**Teddy and Tenny 'Corruption' is the FAIR PLAY 2011 PUBLIC VOTE WINNER**

This video is talking about people who pay to get the things they want and not doing the right thing to get what they want but doing it the wrong way
and people should come together and stop this corruption instead of not doing anything

This video was directed by Andrey hadjivasilev and the people who participated in the video are from vocal studio Angel voices

  • sound
    na kogo e muzikata?
  • ani
    xauhha denica glupavata si ti ....;x ti vob6te zaslu6a li si v pesenta da razbere6 smisala...
  • бебо0окк
    мн са яки
  • asnono@gmail.com
    love it
  • valter-88
    Страхотна песен . Моите адмираций за дуета .Фантастични сте желая ви от сърце много много късмет и бъдещи успехи . .Влади Димов от Пафос - Кипър.
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