Amaze started rapping (singing) in neighboring Guinea as a refugee seeking refuge while awaiting a resettlement program at the age of 14 years.

In 2006, he joined the Three Talent Entertainment Group group (3Ts) - by then the best dancing group in Liberia. He transformed the group not just by dancing songs from Michael Jackson, B2K or Usher but he wrote an album called "New Concept" along with the 3Ts.

In 2007, Amaze single-handily wrote 3Ts second album " Liberia for Peace" which produced his first nationwide hit dazzling along with his nurtured teammate Peaches. This album took the entire country by storm.

In 2009, Amaze wrote 50% of the album called "Transition" by the 3Ts. With departure of the 3Ts' sponsor in 2010, Amaze left 3Ts along with Peaches who he trained how to sing and rap.
In 2011, Amaze and Peaches formed a collaboration called "Tag Team" and did an album called "Different Intention". This album was launch in 2014 at the Panama Beach in Sinkor with Perry Ellis Music. In 2013, several of Liberia's top artists like Takun J, Nasseman, Soulfresh, JD Donzo and Amaze were called as Hipco Accountability Ambassadors.

In 2015-2016, Amaze did a song, Corruption-Corruption that hit Africa 54, a radio program on Voice Of America (VOA) which was sponsored by Accountability Lab with funding from Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA). Most recently, he created a song called "Know who to vote for" to caution the Liberian voters about their responsibility in the upcoming elections in 2017. Amaze is doing a nationwide tour with this music - already reaching Montserrado and Margibi counties. In "Know who to vote for" music, Amaze feature Peaches, J.Glo and Young Hover.
Given that my country Liberia is so corrupt, I wrote this song " Corruption-Corruption". The way I see it is that in order to solve a problem you have to get to the root cause. I believe that corruption starts from the home especially when kids are not managed by their parents rightfully. For example, you send your kid to get two cups of rice to cook for the day, but instead the kid adds 2 or 3 cups because he/she feels that 2 cups the rice will not be enough and fears his/her stomach wouldn't be filled. Some parents will notice this and wouldn't do anything that will change this kind of behavior in this kid and if nothing is done, it will grow up with that kid and his/her mentality about small-scale cheating will grow larger, which will later infest the entire society if this child grows up and becomes a public figure. Because this child's parents did not educate him or her about the harmfulness of corruption, they will surely take it with them to any public role that they might be entrusted with.
So parents shouldn't compromise the kids behaviors when it's wrong. Train a child in the way when he/she is growing and they won't depart from it.

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