Zero Plastica is an underground Hip-Hop group from Genoa (Italy), formed by Nio (mc, dj and producer), Lure (mc) and G.O.Man, a Tunisian mc who's now living in Italy. They combine conscious and thought-provoking lyrics with rap, reggae and dancehall beats.
Since they formed in 2001, Zero Plastica released dozens of projects and mixtapes, collabos and 2 well-critically-acclaimed indipendent record: the last one, "Basta!", was released in 2011 on Nomadic Wax Recordings and gained phenomenal reviews on MTV ("Long before Occupy Wall Street, Italian rappers Zero Plastica gave voice to the plight of the 99%"), Rolling Stone and on all non-pro Prime Minister Berlusconi medias. Zero Plastica has been described as the "Italian Pulic Enemy" and MTV produced the documentary "Nel ritmo di Allah" ("In Allah's rhythm").

Zero Plastica have been performing live hundred times, opening every Italian rap-stars showcase and so many international artists such Alborosie, Shaggy, George Clinton with Funkadelic & Parliament, Sud Sound System, Busta Flex, etc.
ITALY — UPLOADED ON 27.04.2012
As Italy's most prominent, politically conscious hip hop group, Zero Plastica was asked to create this song on behalf of the anti-mafia group LIBERA. Meaning simply "God's Kick," "La Pedata di Dio" is an attempt to strengthen the voices of the Italian citizens who are brave enough to speak out against a government corrupted by ancient organized crime regimes.

DJ Nio of Zero Plastica writes, "Some Sicilian friends told us that we could have been killed if we made this song in the '90s, but thank God it's 2012 and the mafias are more interested in expanding their business than killing three damn rappers."

LIBERA, Italy's most important anti-mafia association, was created in 1995 in order to solicit civil society in the fight against mafias and promote law and justice. LIBERA is a coordination of more than 1500 organizations, groups, schools, and grassroots operations, committed to building an organization capable of spreading the culture of legality. Zero Plastica , who dropped the politically charged Basta! last year, were more than honored to be a part of their message.

Among the most complex and influential global organized crime groups, the Italian Mafias have long been the model for other illegal entities. They are divided into many different sub-groups and gain protection from many of Italy's corrupt politicians. Many Italian citizens are fed up with the way politicians are ignoring what's best for Italy and, instead, focusing on profits from this illicit groups. The organizers of recent protests laud Zero Plastica as "...and example of modern resistance for the youth and a worth persecutor of the partisans."

All the names in the video are of innocent people killed by the mafias.

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