It was the mutual desire to play and preserve traditional Malawian music that led to Mafilika's formation in 2007. The different backgrounds and cultural roots of band members inspired Malfilika Band's musical style, which fuses of each band member's personal music tastes into a blend that mixes rock with roots and jazz with reggae each song packed with youthful energy and inspiration.

In 2008 the band won the National Finals of the Music Crossroads competition, qualifying to represent Malawi at the Inter-Regional Finals in the Portuguese Club competing against bands from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. They were booked to play a 17 concert tour in The Netherlands in Spring 2009 by Mundial Productions. Mafilika have also performed in Maputo, Mozambique, perform regularly in Malawi and will this October be playing at the county's biggest International Music Festival, Lake of Stars. The band released their debut Cd 'WOLOKA AFRICA' in May 2009.
MALAWI — CARGADO EL 17.12.2010
**Mafilika 'Let's Stop Corruption' a FAIR PLAY 2010 WINNER**

Live recording of Mafilika performing "Let's Stop Corruption".

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