Hello, my name is Aganze Maombi Bertin. I am a rapper from Congo, and my fans know me as "Bertin Cruise Leseaux".

In the year 2000, I got a call from a higher being to become a rapper. I began my musical career in a Congolese band called "Baoba Muzika", in the Northern Kivu/Goma region. By this time, I had already authored several fantastic and justice seeking songs. My inspiration came from a young French rapper called "Medine". I created a motto called Hero Music which includes the phrase: "Although the war continues, I want to pick up everything that seems to be helpful and I want to crush all who seem to break my talent".

By age 22 I had to leave my homeland, The Land of Hope, due to the ongoing wars. These selfish wars have created thousands of victims and refugees, and have been fueled by our abundant resources which our neighbors covet.

I arrived in Uganda a forsaken person. I have met many challenges, such as discrimination from the Ugandan people because I am not a Uganda. It is difficult to be in the music career here, as not many people are supporting Congolese rap.

I consider my culture to be "Education through Hip-Hop". as a musician, I believe I have so much to offer to the world. My wish is that my music will educate and inspire my fans to create a positive change in their communities. The only thing which is holding me back is the struggle to find funds for producing more music.

I have started an arts and performance project here in Uganda. It is called the "HHN22 ARTS ALL PROJECT"

It ?s art group founded in 2010 in Congo then restarted in Uganda on the 21st November, 2012. HHN22 means, "Habilitation, Hameau (Hamlet), Nacre (Nacreous) and 22 is (The force of strength to work and determination). It's an open group that welcomes individuals of different backgrounds and nationalities. The major aims/objectives of the organization is to discourage both youth and adults to stop prostitution and other criminal or negative acts.
To fight all forms of negative acts:
? Discrimination
? Prostitution
? Drug Abuse
? Theft
To encourage and train the unprivileged children, youths and others hand skills like art and craft to promote self reliance.
Teaching individuals to make:
? Necklaces, bangles, ear rings and key holders.
? Weaving bags
? Teaching Musical instruments
? Painting and printing
Family visits in order to get to know the background and the biography of each individual.

Through this work, I believe we can really help rebuild people's lives.


Some of the art we have produced


One of our members, Asa, from Norway. She plays the violin. Music is a strong medicine!


Fighting for justice for ALL


One of the crafts we are making, and teaching to the youth in UgandaImage

The finished products!


In 2013, I was awarded a trophy from the Alliance Francaise in Uganda for best French rap. I hope to continue creating more inspirational art and music.

UGANDA — PUBLIE LE 25.08.2014
TOUS A LA BASE TOUS A LA BASE It is a music song which it represent the mini Album (EP) cold ?'SON REBELLE'' meaning?'REBEL SOUND'' by Bertin cruise leseaux it's a peacefully song containing message to my community , talking about ,problems
that we face , due to the on going corrupted war , witch is impose to us. and left thousand off victims . and millions off dead . I really think if this Album was to be released in the 20th past years off war than we are steel going trough up to now . this album could have inspire so many people and change they are where off acting . and the corrupted war . was not going to have place in the society , the is a message and Education delivered to my community .. and the corrupted government .most off the politicians . they are now rich people.
And none body care about ,peoples life ,, people are dying like insects,wemens are rapped ,, and people are watching . '' TOUS A LA BASE '' it's a positive song , dedicated to my community. and so many nation's around the world.
containing message , and education . it target is to bring back power to the republic in togetherness ?'TOUS A LA BASE'' ALL AT THE BASE it a revolutionary song which reflecting people and Educate the all world about they are living. economically and politically I got this strong inspiration to wright this message because of what is happening in my country . where people are crashed because of the lack of information population, fighting for no reason, journalist and Artist the try to talk about it , they get kidnapped ,, even bying killed ' like the where i was a victim , off such allegations until i flee the country.people wonted to kill me because off , singing the truth .about what they do ,,, tha's wy im in exile in uganda kampala . in our communities Tous a la base it is a song wrote n in 2013 in Uganda buy Cruise Leseuax ( from Congo) in collaboration with other revolutionary brother's from different background and different stories. to our peace seek project '' Justin Dady Dario '' He is a member of'' rebel sound' with the revolutionary mind use through Hip hop from the USA''' , and Aldo Onyango from Uganda he is a master reggae musician and freedom fighter , in management Hero Bish and the sometime he is a father educator and the Founder of the the records label and promoting talent ?' LAMUKA'' which means wake up Then produced by Jonathan Wendy Theweezy .This Team is cold ?'LAMUKA' after meeting this beautiful people with the same spirit as me we said that we should put our hands together and we can be the ?'REBEL SOUND'' to our communities ?'LAMUKA'' It's a group of conscience rapper use Hip hop as a gun to fight all negative forms in our communities ' As young youth revolutionary we putted our hearts down and see how we can educate our communities through our voices '' because music it's not only music but , love and power off the nature'''

  • Akili Akeem Innocent
    good progress bro ,, keep it up and fight for positive change
  • Glodium==>
    I really feel touched by this inspiration of my roots... let's go a head in the name of Liberty!
  • Glodium Glodium
    I feel really touched by this sound of guys from our roots,... together as one our goals will take really
  • glod
    let make really our dreams.
  • Ommar Gadaffi Galax Kawoomera
    lets fight for change
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