La Severa Matacera was born in Bogota (Colombia South America) at the end of 1.995 with the idea of forming a band wich could mix all the influences of its members such as ska, reggae, funk, rock and colombian traditional music. The first demo-tape, Inmunidad, was printed in Mxico D.F. by an independent label called Pepelobo Rekords in 1.999. In year 2.002 La Severa Matacera shows a CD called Cuando La Gente Se Pare by the colombian labels Hormigaloca Producciones and MTM. In 2009 a new CD called V.I.S.A. is released by the international label Kallpa Rercors. During 2006 and 2010 the band has toured USA and Canada several times. The band is preparing on 2011 for their first european tour starting in Germany.
Videoclip was shot in Los Angeles, California on July 2007 by Colombian director Juan David Castilla. The story shows how a colombian inmigrant arrives to L.A. full of dreams to make a new life but his nationallity labels him as suspect of drug traffic. As soon as he leaves the airport an undercover american agent starts to follow him and finally arbitralily arrests him without evidence of felony just assuming that because he is a colombian he must be involved with ilicit deals. The band appears in the streets singing out load "We ain´t thieves, we ain´t narcos, we got no bombs, we got no shotguns, No somos terroristas, de la guerra estamos hartos, paz y libertad es lo que anhleamos". The lyrics of the song stand for the right everyone has to find better opportunities to improve his life standard in any country of the world and all the hipocrisy of the powerful governments to put multinational enterprises in developing countires to explode the labor and natural resources but not allowing people to enter their countries to have a job or study opportunities.

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