Davor Dundovic (alias Dooplee) started rapping some time in 2001/2002, when he was15-16 yrs. In the beginning he was in a rap group, but later ended up solo as the other members got out of the music game. In 2004 he released his first 2 demo albums, and then in 2012 his first official album named "22". When he met Igor Sambolec he got the opportunity to record his first music video, sponsored by GERILAfilm. Works as a producer @ his home studio where he works on supporting young rap artists that need help with recording their songs.
Music video filmed completely during street demonstration against the Croatian Government.
music: Davor Dundovic
camera: Igor Sambolec / Dino Sencar
edit/script: Igor Sambolec

This is a first reality song video ever filmed in Europe. Non of the scenes were articulated or calculated. As the demonstrations enveloped is the way the video was filmed ad directed.

This Song was recorded so that some critical issues culd be pointed out in this country, and that we show the goverment that we allso have a voice in this matter. The song and the video stared numerous Tv talk show topics and news paper debates.

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